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“In The Streets” w/ J. Grant Brittain Opening Recap
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 1, March 2017

Thank you to everyone that came out to the “In The Streets” w/ J. Grant Brittain launch event.












The Jim Thiebaud image marks the first of a series that will be released throughout the year. The tee shirts are a dyed and washed 6.5oz heavyweight cotton, made in Los Angeles which are available for order online now at FACT.

Thank you for the continued support.

“In The Streets” w/ J. Grant Brittain Product Release Event
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 16, February 2017

FACT. & Arkitip have partnered to bring a six part teeshirt capsule collection of 80’s based, street focused skateboard photography from legendary lensman – J. Grant Brittain.

We dug into his back catalog and found these iconic images which we think exemplify the power, style and creativity of the scene in that era. Using the images as a canvas, we asked Grant to tell a story in his own words and handwriting, which we applied over each image to complete the design. The finished multi-layered designs are bold, colorful and potent.

The heavyweight teeshirt fabric colors are all custom, 100% produced in Los Angeles.


Please join us for the launch event February 22nd from 7:00 – 10:00PM.

“In The Streets”
w/ J. Grant Brittain

346 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90019

Music by Aaron Rose

Dan Covert ‘Besides’ Screen Prints
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 23, January 2017

We are proud to announce a series of 6 prints from artist Dan Covert.


‘I wanted to explore reconfiguring the 25 abstract shapes from my Queue print into smaller compositions. The resulting 6 super limited run screen prints titled Besides Volume 1 to 6 are an analog manifestation of the digital versioning I do as part of my creative process.’ – Dan Covert

About the artist: Dan Covert is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York. He began to experiment with painting and woodworking as a way to reconnect with making. Since then, he has developed a graphic language of organic and decisive forms. His work explores structuring and ordering these abstract shapes so they appear composed yet spontaneous. Dan is as interested in negative space as he is the positive, while he continues to develop new forms and compositions, using both analog and digital processes.

These print editions are available for sale online at Arkitip, thank you for the interest and support.

Arkitip No. 0062, Ello
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 6, December 2016

We are proud to announce our latest issue edition with Ello.

Sometimes you just get on a bike and ride – together.


For nearly 15+ years Arkitip has meant what’s there on the edge of culture, what’s there that you love but you haven’t yet discovered – what’s about to happen next. Ello couldn’t think of a better partner in its quest to support creators everywhere, by building an e-commerce and publishing platform that provides visibility, influence and opportunity for the world’s creatives.

So together we rode to – Here is What You Have, This is What You Hold.

We don’t think art is meant to be viewed alongside ads for hamburgers or hybrids. Ephemeral as it may be, an online showcase for this work didn’t seem enough, so we decided that printing a newspaper gave this project the respect and permanence it deserves. What Arkitip provides offline, Ello does online. It’s a place where members share a positive community and come to collaborate, build their audience, or just be.

This shared destination is one that values creators because it puts the emphasis on moving the world forward through creativity first. It’s one that Arkitip x Ello pedal together.

Arkitip & Ello, have teamed up to showcase 40 brilliant artists who are currently sharing their work on Ello. To further promote some of the best and brightest Ello contributors, we conducted an online juried art exhibition.

Ello members were selected by jury for the final online exhibition grouping. The work of these selected artists are what you ‘have’ here, the 62nd issue edition of Arkitip.

This edition was made possible with generous support from Ello.

Aleksandr Smirnov, Alencar Loch, Andrea Manzati, Andrew De Francesco, Brooke Reidt, Bruno Candiotto, Cy Tone, Daina Hodgson, Dan Covert, Dario Raspudic, Dave Towers, David Esquviel, Dragos Ioneanu, Dyanna Dimick, Hildegarde Handsaeme, Jamie Kripke, Jenniffer Omaitz, Joe Castro, Kaiho Yu, Lance Austin Olsen, LEEMO, Leo Ureña, Luke Ramsey, Makoto Takigawa, Maude Turgeon, Mina Wright, Misa Yamamoto, Monique de Brock Bol, Nathan Head, Nathan Ishar, Ned Evans, Nicolas Monterrat, Nicole Xu, Nihil Minus, SD Evans, Susannah van der Zaag, The Strohls, Thomas Park, Will Patlove.

Available for sale online at Arkitip now, thank you for the interest and support.

Dan Covert ‘Queue’ Screen Print
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 4, November 2016

We are proud to announce the release of a new screen print with artist Dan Covert.

This 18 x 24 In. piece titled ‘Queue’ is based on a gouache painting the artist created exclusively for Arkitip.

Dan Covert is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York. He began to experiment with painting and woodworking as a way to reconnect with making. Since then, he has developed a graphic language of organic and decisive forms. His work explores structuring and ordering these abstract shapes so they appear composed yet spontaneous. Dan is as interested in negative space as he is the positive, while he continues to develop new forms and compositions, using both analog and digital processes.


Dan’s work is all about order and obsession, and with this print he methodically drew abstract forms from his language of shapes until they felt balanced, yet active.

Each print is signed and numbered and available for purchase now. Thank you for the support.

Tommy Guerrero Alife Session Tee
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 20, October 2016

Produced in conjunction with Tommy Guerrero’s Live Performance at Alife in New York City 24 September 2016. Made possible with generous support from Ello.


In stock and shipping now, thank you for the continued support.

Tommy Guerrero Live at Alife in New York Recap
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 10, October 2016

Stay tuned as we are putting the final touches to the Tommy Guerrero live performance video filmed exclusively for Ello.

tgnyc-1 tgnyc-5tgnyc-2 tgnyc-3 tgnyc-4

There will also be some other exclusive material available for the release of the video only to members of the Ello community.

Join Ello to be notified first.

Tommy Guerrero Live at Alife in New York
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 15, September 2016

Arkitip & Ello are proud to present Tommy Guerrero’s Live Performance at Alife in New York City September 2016.

Tommy Guerrero

Tommy Guerrero may be better known in the world of skateboarding than music. Born in San Francisco, Guerrero joined the skate company Powell Peralta in 1984 and became one of the original members of the legendary “Bones Brigade” team. Guerrero has been playing music since the late 70’s with his brother Tony – both raised on a steady diet of DIY punk music / ethos and skateboarding.

Join Ello to be notified on performance date, time & merchandise.

Arkitip + Brothers Marshall ‘BACKDOOR’ Tee
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 31, July 2016

Produced in conjunction with the release of Arkitip Issue No. 0061 ‘BACKDOOR’.



100% white cotton, short sleeve, artwork by Barry McGee. One color screen print imagery on front & back, made in the USA.

Arkitip Issue No. 0061 – ‘BACKDOOR’
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 31, July 2016

We are proud to announce our latest issue edition ‘BACKDOOR’ a Brothers Marshall + Arkitip collaboration.

BACKDOOR, the bastard lovechild of Aleutian energy and the primordial, flaming ooze that Earth busted into the Pacific. The gnarled, gnashing right sits just left of center of our progressive universe. Let them stare at pipe, swarming like moths to the blazing effigy of Gerry Lopez; we know where the real action goes down.

The stakes raised, the testosterone peaked, the reef hungrier for the flesh of man; BACKDOOR is the Sadist’s wet dream and the masochist’s playground. Our eyes transfixed, our breath shallow and jabbing, we look beyond the spotlight to this other pace, this other room, this other door. The real stories come from a forbidden, seductive corner of the human mind; the BACKDOOR to the salt-stained psyche that when milked spews blissful chaos onto the pages of this… thing.


BACKDOOR: Sliding in between the cheeks of mainline “surf culture. No safe words, enjoy the ride, come again soon.

Jim Evans, Clare Rojas, Jack McCoy, Phranc, Mike Krim, Charles Smith, Barry McGee, Ian Perez, Lorenzo Fariello, Derek Marshall, Chad Marshall, Leroy Marshall, Tiana Marshall, El Salvadorans, Ned Evans, Bill Parr, Steven Vingua, Sage Vaughn

Along with the issue edition, in collaboration with Brother Marshall, we produced a Barry McGee ‘BACKDOOR’ tee shirt.

Thank you for the interest and support.

Announcing the Arkitip x Ello Juried Art Exhibition
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 25, July 2016

You should know by now, but if you don’t; Ello is an online social center for creatives to share, collaborate and promote their work all without the commercial trappings of mainstream social sites. We love Ello for this and also for its beautiful, minimalist interface, allowing creatives to display their work boldly, in much larger formats which are not bound by small square or rectangular grids. There is an abundance of brilliant work here, and we’d like to share it with you.


To that end, and in order to find the best and brightest Ello contributors, we are conducting an online art exhibition at Ello. This will then be turned into an offline, tactile issue edition of Arkitip and distributed through our normal channels. Ello members will be selected by jury for a final grouping of artists, designers and illustrators, who will then contribute work for this very special Arkitip Edition.

‘Here is what you have, this is what you hold’

This is a great opportunity to highlight your work. If you are not an Ello member, we suggest you become one and get your best work up there, straightaway.  The open call will last until 12 August 2016 and a special jury will make final selections for the online exhibition and printed edition.

We look forward to seeing your work, thank you for your interest.

Tommy Guerrero Signed Recordings
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 7, July 2016

We are making a VERY limited quantity of signed copies of Arkitip Alumni Tommy Guerrero’s Recordings.


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Thank you for the support.

J. Grant Brittain for Noah, Curated by Arkitip
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 31, March 2016

Acting as Curator, Arkitip is proud to present a tee shirt capsule collection of Arkitip alumnus J. Grant Brittain’s iconic skateboard photography.

This collection for Noah Clothing features some of his most iconic works on 3 different tees, as well as one exclusive poster. One of the most influential pioneers of skate photography, Brittain helped launch careers and move the industry forward with his work as an artist and magazine publisher.

As a custom, we had a quick Q&A with the artist for the lunch of the collection, which is below.

Photography Damon Way.

Q – How did you first get introduced to skateboarding and then photographing skateboarding?
A – My brother and I got skateboards one Christmas when I was 10. We also got BB Guns and Walkie Talkies, sounds dangerous. I worked at the Del Mar Skate Ranch from 1978-1984 and borrowed my roommate’s Canon in February of 1979 and started shooting my friends. It all just started as a hobby in the beginning.

Q – Having worked with many of the same people (skaters, brands) for so long, what keeps your interest and motivation?
A – I just like the way skateboarding is so photogenic, the action, the energy and how it’s always progressing. As a job, I like how it’s not like any other job. It’s pretty cool.

Q – Have you or do you have a favorite skater to shoot?
A – I have certain skaters that I still get stoked on shooting. I know that we together will get something stylish and timeless. Chris Miller, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi are still all good friends of mine and they make getting a good photo easy.

Q – With the introduction of digital photography and the popularity of social media, how has that changed or not changed your approach?
A – I dig it all. Digital photography speeds everything up and social media just gives me more avenues to get my photos out there and promote skateboarding, the Skateboard Mag and myself.

Q – How would you like to be remembered in the annuals of skateboarding history?
A – I just want to be remembered for shooting some quality images and that I shared my skate photography with the younger photographers coming up after me.

The J. Grant Brittain for Noah Capsule Collection, Curated by Arkitip is in stock and available now.

Thank you for the interest and support.

Polanski + Arkitip Newspaper, ‘Lanciare’
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 20, January 2016

Polanski, STD Records and Arkitip have partnered to produce an exclusive zine entitled Lanciare – an Italian expression that translates in English to flip. The print publication is supported by a collectable cassette tape containing music from the Save The Day (STD) Records catalog.


Under creative direction from Polanski, the book and cassette tape package brings together work from creatives stationed in the USA and around the globe.

Throughout the 28-page art zine, work from fashion photographer Alessandro Casagrande (Italy) and designer Tina Joyner (USA) collide to produce this unique two-part release.


The zine showcases imagery shot by Casagrande and depicts two female subjects on a desolate beach off the Italian coastline. Collaged over the women and over song lyrics on adjacent pages, are designs from Joyner.

The exclusive cassette tape has been curated by musician and DJ, Thomas Bullock (England) and features a track list of tunes from both himself and artists on his STD Record label.

The combination of bare bodies and bold fruit graphics, paired with leftfield sounds transforms the final product from a flat editorial into an addictive, vibrant viewing and listening experience.

This edition was made possible with generous support from NOAH Clothing.

Alessandro Casagrande photography
Tina Joyner design
STD Records music

11 x 17 In. (27.94 x 43.18 cm)
24 pages
4 color, 30 lb. bright white newsprint
Hand packaged in a limited edition of 500
Poly bagged with cassette that features music from the STD Records catalog
Cassette includes 9 music tracks curated by DJ, Thomas Bullock (England)

$25.00 Add to order

* Estimated ship date 1 September 2015

J. Grant Brittain Del Mar Newspaper
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 19, January 2016

It is with great pride that we announce our second project with J. Grant Brittain. We’ve blown up the format to Newspaper size, perfect for thumb-tacking to your walls. This collection is replete with inspirational moments, in a size that befits their ingenuity.

While working at the Del Mar Skateboard Ranch in 1979 selling Cokes, Twinkies and miniature golf, J. Grant Brittain borrowed his roommate’s Canon and began what would become a 36 year-long affair with skateboarding, cameras and magazines. He helped found Transworld Skateboarding magazine in 1983 and as the Photo Editor for 20 years, helped build it into the top selling skateboarding mag. He has captured the best skateboarders of the last three decades in photos that have become classics. He has also taught some of the best skate photographers past and present and has helped them develop their own work. Grant felt like he was in a well worn rut and has moved on and helped start another magazine in 2003, The Skateboard Mag where he resides to this day.





His “off hours” are consumed by a search for calmer and more serene subjects. Still lakes at night and solitary desert forms are among the subjects of his diverse personal work. His abstracts, portraits, landscapes and travel images seem to draw from the opposite energy of his action shots. Few photographers have pursued so wide a range of subjects and styles. But few individuals find themselves so central to such an active community, where one’s perspective is just a notch askew of the rest, and where movement and progression is the norm. Grant Brittain’s body of work reflects his deep involvement in an emerging youth culture, as well as his escape from it.

– Miki Vuckovich

J. Grant Brittain

11 x 17 In. (27.94 x 43.18 cm)
48 pages
1 color, 30 lb. bright white newsprint
Hand packaged in a limited edition of 500

Further images can be found at the product page, this item is in stock and ready to ship.

Thank you for the support.

REPORTED BY Pierre Hourquet, 18, November 2016

Based in France, Vague is publishing zines with skateboard related content.

N°3 is a small collection of etchings graffitied onto New York sidewalks. Love and hate messages, funny drawings and various scrawls, these photographs take a look at new yorker’s thoughts and comments.







Photographies and fanzine by Pierre Hourquet

Packed with 2 silkscreens – on cardboard and tee shirt

Tee shirt by Vague

November 2016

— 45€ + shipping

N°4 of the collection is a serie of photos shot by Polar team member Paul Grund while on Tour or simply when walking the dog. Black & white and color analog pictures shot with a good old Canon AE1, a truly authentic work directly linked to the raw skateboard photography of the early 90’s.







Photographies by Paul Grund

November 2016

— 8€ + Shipping

Infos and order at

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