Wall in CSC Trial
REPORTED BY Chinatown Soccer Club, 2, April 2008

New York (Chinatown Newswire) — The aptly-named defender Tim Wall, who is in the midst of a week-long trial with the Chinatown Soccer Club, faces an anxious wait to find out if the East Coast outfit will eventually try and sign him.

The West Coast based player impressed Coach Stochl who invited Wall out to New York after seeing footage of him playing in Los Angeles.

“Tim has done all right so far,” Stochl said after watching the defender being put through his paces at this morning’s practice session.

“He is a talented lad but he’ll go back to sunny California for now where we’ll keep a check on him.”

In a somewhat unorthodox move, Wall was also encouraged to arm-wrestle club staple Peter Sutherland (seen below), resulting in a surprise win for the rookie.

“What we did was to bring him here to give him an idea of what the CSC was like so he could see the place and see how comfortable he was with it,” Stochl said.

Pete vs. Tim



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