REPORTED BY Jeffstaple, 25, November 2008

Just in time for the holiday season. Here’s the final delivery for our Fall 08 Collection.

A lot of people have been waiting for this one…the TIBIAL PLAID SHIRT with matching necktie. Time to get your BoyzIIMen on!

FEMORAL PLACKET SHIRT. This baby has so many dope little details on it that you really must see one in person. Bartacks galore, hidden button placket on the CF (except for 1 button.) Envelope flap on the chest pocket. Leather patch on the back. This is a lifelong keeper.

And some more tees with that Biological twist…

INNARDS tee by Dan F.

MINDS OPTIC Tee. Love this concept. It’s inspired by a verse I heard from Nas:
That’s the answers to the puzzle I gave you, now here’s a promise
My next few albums, instead of projects,
They’ll be a difficult test inside the cover for the mind’s optics
Come in my hood, but bring the guns with you, it’s dark
Headed through Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, Staten, and Bronx
Headed through Compton, Oaktown, South Central, and Watts
New Orleans, Mississippi, Chi-town, every block
I’m trying to have my positive ways, I put my rhymes on page
Did crimes and headline on stage
I Signed a contract, so here it is, you have it
Streets disciple, I’m STILLMATIC”

I HEART NY. Reppin the city where we come from. Showing our anatomical love for NYC.
(Shelley B rocks the illo.)

For those who love kicks like oxygen…BREATHE KICKS. (Shelley B does the pencil work again.)

STPL BONES….oh so cleva.

Of course this collection wouldn’t be complete without our feathered friend. So we reinterpreted the pigeon as a skeleton. The bottom says “Columbia Livia”. Figure it out…
Everything is available at Reed Space now. You can see some other colorways at the Reed site.


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