The Tweed Run
REPORTED BY Yorgo Tloupas, 25, January 2009

Since moving to London from Paris about 8 years ago, one thing I have never underestimated is the unrivalled ability of the British to jump on an occasion to dress up. Yesterday I took part in the first Tweed Run, a group ride gathering about 150 cyclists, all dressed in tweed, plus fours, flat caps, etc… A lot of them brought their classic bikes along, with some dating as far back as 1909. Our leisurely stroll took us around London, clearly puzzling foreign tourists and locals alike.


Teddy, the organizer:


More dapper chaps:




Tweed Vans! Nice one:


A tweed disc wheel with buttons:


Sadly my Gitane bike with moustache bars and front basket was not ready, so I had to resort to a less fitting bicycle:


Some better pictures here.


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