10.Deep Spring Preview
REPORTED BY MASH-SF, 21, April 2009


I’ve always been a fan and a friend to the dudes at 10.Deep, so when Senior Designer Anthony Nguyen offered me (and Arkitip) a first look at the cycle-centric pieces in their spring delivery, I jumped at the chance. While other brands are concentrating on a fixed-gear specific theme, 10.Deep paints with a broader stroke, drawing more on the fashion of New York City bike messengers in the late 80s and early 90s.

Creative Director and Founder Scott Sasso used a combination of older graphical references and his own memories of those urban outlaws to produce a look “built out of basics that you wouldn’t think go together…there were no boundaries, and layering seemed to be king.” As a result, none of the pieces in the collection feature coordinating colors or matching styles to preserve the messenger aesthetic. That is, unless you wear the camo jacket with the camo shorts, in which case you will look like a crazy person.

Some of the pieces that stand out to me include this 4-panel cycling hat made of lightweight Japanese cotton twill, a roll-up nylon shell with cooling vents, and a fleece hoodie with a rear lock pocket that all simultaneously serve a utility and reflect 10.Deep’s sentiment. Click through for larger photos.

The entire line, including the pieces you see here, will drop online next Tuesday, April 28, but you can find it in stores this week.

Check your local dealer for availability, and thanks to Ant and the 10.Deep crew for the shots!

…justin yu

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