REPORTED BY Chinatown Soccer Club, 5, June 2009

New York (Chinatown Newswire) — Coach Stochl was recently invited to contribute a series of portraits featuring Chinatown Soccer Club players and their favorite bikes to a free publication promoting bicycle culture and alternative modes of transportation in his native Austria, the Newswire has learned (see below).

With many of the club’s members completing their morning commutes to and from the Stanton Street pitch on bikes, hope remains that New York will follow the lead of other major cities in adding designated bicycle lanes and generally encouraging a move away from the automobile.


Semi-retired goalkeeper Gerald “El Gato” Ding.


Versatile powerhouse Dan “The Danimal” Funderburgh.


Defensive midfielder Dom “The Dominator” Neitz.


Flair player Kevin “Keveronesi” Trageser.


Hard-nosed defender Peter “The Beard” Sutherland.


Winger Joel Barnard.


Retired Brazilian forward Daniel Piwowarczyk.


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