New Kit Avalanche
REPORTED BY Michael Leon, 20, June 2009

We just finished a football jersey with Nike SB am and Real Skateboards team member Justin Brock.  Justin will undoubtedly turn pro soon, so we gave him a little nod with this one.  There is an inline version available in red/black and grey/black.  Only a few hundred of the Real colorway were made and sent out to homies.



A few weeks ago I designed a Nike SB cycling kit with our Operations Director Timm (yes, 2 m’s).  Timm goes way back with Giordana so they hooked it up for us.  Of course these are not for sale.  Just a gift for the crew.


I’m proud to be a Mudfooter.  This is what I’ll be repping this October.  Mudfooters are a mostly LA based cyclocross team.  I guess I’m the Portland chapter so I’d better kick some ass.  Geoff Mcfetridge introduced me to the team and designed the kits, which are amazing.  I’m hoping to get down there this season to race in some sand.






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