White Trash
REPORTED BY Chinatown Soccer Club, 13, July 2009

New York (Chinatown Newswire) — The Chinatown Soccer Club’s Coach Stochl and a number of his star players have been engulfed in controversy after attending what has been described as the first in a series of raging parties at the studio of former striker Ryan McGinness on Friday night (see below).

With Stochl unavailable for comment, the club issued a statement, simply confirming that the Austrian manager had attended a “private function at a former player’s home” alongside Peter “The Beard” Sutherland and Kevin “Keveronesi” Trageser.


McGinness wasn’t afraid to light up an assortment of sparklers inside his art-filled studio.


Coach Stochl and his wife Tasha Cain used the photo booth to pose with one of the many beer bongs available to guests.


Kevin “Keveronesi” Trageser evidently enjoyed firing an air gun at a tower made of Budweiser cans during the later stages of the festivities.


McGinness, Stochl and Trageser chose the vodka-soaked watermelon slices for dessert.


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