Stickers and Jerseys
REPORTED BY Chinatown Soccer Club, 24, July 2009

New York (Chinatown Newswire) — Just in time for tomorrow’s eighth annual Fanatic tournament, the Chinatown Soccer Club is getting ready to deploy its street teams to unleash a new round of stickers on downtown Manhattan, the Newswire has learned.

A three-color version of the club’s crest and a localized design of last year’s jersey for the team’s tour of Austria, both crafted by CSC Design Director Justin “Crazy Legs” Fines, have been received enthusiastically and should pop up on street lamps, bike racks and traffic signs in the days to come (see below).

In a Newswire exclusive, the notoriously reclusive Fines also agreed to provide a glimpse at the club’s limited-edition Fanatic jerseys, silk-screened by hand at Demo Design in Brooklyn (see below).

Finally, a select few of the team jerseys designed specifically for tomorrow’s tournament (including the custom crest created for the Krauts by Zach “Kormega” Korman) are featured on Condé Nast’s blog.


The CSC’s popular crest has been reproduced in glorious colors.


The club’s successful tour of Austria is echoed via an impressive badge design.


A sneak peak at the CSC’s jersey for this years Fanatic tournament.


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