Arkitip Issue No. 0052, Steven Harrington
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 11, August 2009

We’re very proud to announce that our next issue edition, No. 0052, will feature the artwork of Steven Harrington.

Arkitip Issue No. 0052, Steven Harrington

Regular readers already know of our longstanding relationship with Steven, and we couldn’t be more excited to add him to our most distinguished list of collaborators.

In addition to serving as a catalogue of previous and new artwork, this issue edition will premiere a new body of work by Steven Harrington & Justin Krietemeyer entitled The Desert 128 Miles northeast of Los Angeles. You may remember a road trip we mentioned here in January…

As has come to be expected, we’ll be presenting a new Chronicle to accompany Issue No. 0052, but we’ve got something extra special in store this time.

We’ve also got a very exciting release event planned to commemorate the issue. Details to be announced here soon.

Arkitip Issue No. 0052, Steven Harrington
Available 01 September 2009


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