James Bowthorpe.
REPORTED BY MASH-SF, 21, September 2009

A lot of people like riding a bike, a few people love riding a bike, and a very few are just so obsessed they go and ride a bike around the world. James Bowthorpe just wrapped up the fast circumnavigation of the globe on the bike beating the previous record by 4 weeks. 18,000 miles, 150 days, and going from 120 to 150 miles a day unsupported. And while I am sure that some personal goals were accomplished in this feat, he also raised 1.8m Pounds for research into Parkinsons disease, a cause I am personally very supportive of. He has a lot of info on his site, and has taken photos that he geotagged along the whole route.

So, anyone interested in sponsoring an attempt to beat this record. Next MASH video anyone????

// Jonathan


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