Art Auction
REPORTED BY Chinatown Soccer Club, 16, November 2009

New York (Chinatown Newswire) — Artwork by the Chinatown Soccer Club’s Sutherland brothers was successfully auctioned off at a private event hosted by elusive forward Ryan McGinness on Friday night, the Newsire has learned.

“The rush of the auction was an exhilarating experience, not unlike what these boys go through when they take to the pitch in a high-profile match against Kang’s Young Bucks,” Coach Stochl said.


The artist-direct auction was well attended with many of the works selling in a matter of minutes.


Coach Stochl, Andrew “The Midfield General” Sutherland and Kevin “Keveronesi” Trageser took advantage of the popular photo booth.


The host joined via video link from Amsterdam.


Peter “The Beard” Sutherland’s “My Gramma’s Bent Pointer.”


Andrew “The Midfield General” Sutherland’s “Rain Drop.”


The younger Sutherland captured the excitement of the auction on video (see below).


Attendees wasted no time bidding on Peter Sutherland’s photograph.


Andrew Sutherland’s piece was one of the hot items of the night.


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