Sexy Polo Beer Amigo
REPORTED BY Yorgo Tloupas, 24, March 2010

Somehow, amongst all the insane amount of work I have these days (the reason for my lack of posts, sorry), I managed to escape to Barcelona for a day of bike polo. The Sexy Polo Beer Amigo tournament was the first one ever held in Spain, and it was one of the best organised ones I’ve been to. Great courts, smooth planning, lots of prizes, and of course a wild crowd cheering for the home teams.

I played with Apologies Accepted, a French team, and we had a pretty good tournament, winning every match until the final, which we lost 4-5 to El Club, the best team in Barcelona. The spectators, clearly used to the tactics of FC Barcelona supporters, went crazy during that final game, chanting and screaming and rooting. Can’t wait for a revenge…

Flying with Air France means you get a neat free cardboard box for your bike:

Some of our sponsors, Dodici, BLB and Brooks:

Louis’ self-tattooed saddle:

The courts:

The winners’ trophy was probably the best ever in the short history of Hardcourt bike polo. A Spanish Jamon attached to bike parts, delivered in an old school suitcase (in case the winners would have had to fly abroad):

A Brooks Jamon no less…

And finally our second place trophy, complete with mini-mallets!


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