Stacks Captain 3D Glasses
REPORTED BY Michael Leon, 20, May 2010


We’ve been working on some 3D projects in the studio over the last few months. In the process of learning about the state of the medium, we noticed that we were unable to find any RealD glasses that didn’t look like a space alien’s Oakleys from 1984.  The same ones you are asked to wear in theaters.  Stacks is not an eyewear company, but we do make products that fit our lifestyle, and this is one we felt was worthwhile.

Circular polarized 3D glasses are for viewing RealD movies (like Avatar). RealD or ‘Circular’ (RealD is to Circular polarized as ‘Kleenex’ is to facial tissue) has become the de facto standard for theatrical 3D viewing and is also being used as the next generation standard for Home 3D.

I asked artist Greg Wieber to stop by the studio yesterday and shoot a few of us in the style of his recent Screen Tests. The glasses are now available online in the Stacks Shop and later this week at Project Space in Los Angeles.


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