Jeff Koons BMW art car
REPORTED BY Yorgo Tloupas, 2, June 2010

Last night I attended the dinner/reveal of the 17th BMW Art Car. After Olafur Eliasson’s frozen conceptual installation, this Art Car by Jeff Koons goes back to the original idea behind the project: a racing BMW “painted” by an artist. In this day and age, where vinyl wrapping has become a common way of customising cars, a full body paint seems less of a novelty than in the 1970s. However, Koons’ design is strong, vibrant, dynamic and – as usual with his work – will also appeal to the masses. Some people may be disappointed that he hasn’t put a crystal hood ornament of him and La Cicciolina naked on the front, or a giant balloon puppy nodding in the rear window, but that would have proven a bit tricky in real racing conditions… I actually can’t wait to see how the car looks on the track at Le Mans in 10 days.

Official BMW video here.