A magazine called Magazine
REPORTED BY Yorgo Tloupas, 8, October 2010

About 12 years ago, with a couple of friends, we launched a small free magazine, distributed in various places in Paris and other cities, called Magazine.

The subject matter was, obviously, Magazines, as well as the creative industry, from art to fashion and design.

I created the template, established some principles (one single typeface for all the mag, which had to change for each issue), and designed it for the first 2 years or so.

After that we chose a different art director for each new issue, and pretty much every talented designer in Paris – and beyond – had a go.

The first issues looked like this:

We’ve just relaunched the mag. It’s no longer free, comes in a new bigger format, has a spine, and for the cover I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time:

The logo and all the strap lines are printed on a removable sticker, which hides a detail of the cover shot. Expect surprises under the next issues’ stickers.

The cover and one of the fashion stories are shot by Babette Pauthier:

Another story shot at a printer’s workshop by David Titlow:

The text section is on grey paper, with shorter pages:

I wrote an article on the excellent new Linkin Park logo:

And of course the usual sections remain, including the Magazine review pages:

I did the design with the very talented Charlie Janiaut, who will progressively take over, working directly with Angelo Cirimele, the editor.


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