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REPORTED BY Pedro "Busy P" Winter, 6, December 2010

I’m happy to present our new clip. We realised we were surounded by talented friends and we decided to do more videos at ED REC.

You’ll probably remember the first low-fi video we did for Dj Mehdi & Riton’s CARTE BLANCHE “Gare du Nord

For the new single “Do! Do! Do!” featuring Chi-Town homegirl KID SISTER, French female graffiti legend FAFI had an idea in mind, drop some sketches on my desk, my crew called some young producers and here you are!

It was shot in Paris (obviously), Kid Sister killed it, Fafi tagged team with Paris hottest secret YUÉ, booked a famous Parisian model, spent 2 white nights, spent even more white nights for the “à la Roger Rabbit” animation.

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvSXz7FzjFs[/youtube]

Directed by FAFI & YUÉ produced by Division Paris for Ed Banger records

If you are in Paris next Wednesday, come party with us!

will be out December 13th.

Grab a little free surprise HERE

Say hello to RITON

Say hello to DJ MEHDI


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