Growing Pains…..
REPORTED BY JB's World of Sport, 9, December 2010

What is a blog for…..?

My thoughts are its a place to purge your brain so you can keep it pushing……I use the yard and rec sports most times to help but as I get older and dial back the physical pursuit of therapy I’m in a constant battle with myself on both perfessional and personal levels…..growing business/family and the fact that someday it ends for us all in some way…..more work/deadlines and personalities to navigate…..

Im not looking to be morbid or a bummer…..but I’m having a hard time lately dealing with all my relationships… longer does the “its everyone not me” work that worked when I was a angst filled teenager but now I’m a parent/partner/husband/etc…..and I have to find a way to answer my phone not just stare at it… text use your voice…..


Great advice…..I read this purged and to be honest I feel much better…..


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