Dazzle Yazzle performance at W hotel Paris
REPORTED BY Yorgo Tloupas, 11, May 2012

Last month I was asked to do an installation for the opening night of the W Hotel in Paris. My first choice was to do a photocall inspired by dazzle battleships, and to design bathrobes that the guests would wear, sporting the same pattern so that their bodies would vanish in the optical camouflage. W Hotels weren’t too keen on guests exchanging germ-infested bathrobes, so I changed my approach, and decided to print a single white suit, and to wear it through the evening, posing with friends and guests. The effect worked wonders, and I literally disappeared in most of the shots:

Some people mentioned the work of Chinese Artist Liu Bolin, but not only is this completely different as I could move around without altering the illusion, but he’s also a pale copycat of 60’s supermodel-turned-performance artist Veruschka. If anything I was more inspired by Lee Yongbaek.

More shots (by Remi Ferrante) here.