Arkitip Zine Project – Back to the Basics.
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 26, June 2012

We are happy to announce that we will return to our roots this summer by publishing a series of artist zines.

Affordable, accessible and collectable, zines have always been a great way to buck the system and publish your work.

In recalling our history as eager entrepreneurial rouge publishers, we will print, publish, distribute and support artist’s work in a traditional zine format.

As customary, artists have the opportunity to design and layout the art they contribute. Artists working with Arkitip on the Zine Project will be creating their own “installation” that is then distributed around the world. It’s like a traveling exhibition that you can take home all at an affordable price.

We are excited to revisit this important part of our publishing history and continue our quest to:

Support the arts.
Promote freedom of expression.
Make art affordable and accessible.

Further information forthcoming.


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