Jason Jagël, The Bitter End
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 24, October 2013

The exhibition, The Bitter End, continues Jägel’s life-long relationship to making art as a part of the daily function of living. His work is a theatrical enactment of an on-going, never-ending conversation with himself, regarding the nature of reality and his place within it. Jägel takes inspiration from artists travelling deep down their own wormhole: Kurt Schwitters, Bruce Connor, Chris Ware, Otis Jackson, Jr., Philip Guston, et cetera. This is his first exhibition in Paris.

If in Paris, please visit…

Jason Jägel The Bitter End
Till 15 November 2013

15 Rue Montorgueil
75001 Paris, France

You can also now purchase the catalog that was produced on the occasion of the exhibition: If You knew What I Know It Would Be Strange.


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