Dan Covert ‘Queue’ Screen Print
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 4, November 2016

We are proud to announce the release of a new screen print with artist Dan Covert.

This 18 x 24 In. piece titled ‘Queue’ is based on a gouache painting the artist created exclusively for Arkitip.

Dan Covert is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York. He began to experiment with painting and woodworking as a way to reconnect with making. Since then, he has developed a graphic language of organic and decisive forms. His work explores structuring and ordering these abstract shapes so they appear composed yet spontaneous. Dan is as interested in negative space as he is the positive, while he continues to develop new forms and compositions, using both analog and digital processes.


Dan’s work is all about order and obsession, and with this print he methodically drew abstract forms from his language of shapes until they felt balanced, yet active.

Each print is signed and numbered and available for purchase now. Thank you for the support.

Tommy Guerrero Alife Session Tee
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 20, October 2016

Produced in conjunction with Tommy Guerrero’s Live Performance at Alife in New York City 24 September 2016. Made possible with generous support from Ello.


In stock and shipping now, thank you for the continued support.

Tommy Guerrero Live at Alife in New York Recap
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 10, October 2016

Stay tuned as we are putting the final touches to the Tommy Guerrero live performance video filmed exclusively for Ello.

tgnyc-1 tgnyc-5tgnyc-2 tgnyc-3 tgnyc-4

There will also be some other exclusive material available for the release of the video only to members of the Ello community.

Join Ello to be notified first.

Tommy Guerrero Live at Alife in New York
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 15, September 2016

Arkitip & Ello are proud to present Tommy Guerrero’s Live Performance at Alife in New York City September 2016.

Tommy Guerrero

Tommy Guerrero may be better known in the world of skateboarding than music. Born in San Francisco, Guerrero joined the skate company Powell Peralta in 1984 and became one of the original members of the legendary “Bones Brigade” team. Guerrero has been playing music since the late 70’s with his brother Tony – both raised on a steady diet of DIY punk music / ethos and skateboarding.

Join Ello to be notified on performance date, time & merchandise.

Polanski Vol. 05
REPORTED BY Arkitip, Inc., 29, August 2016

Recent Arkitip collaborator Polanski is now taking pre-orders for their newest issue.

Polanski Vol.05 examines the intersection between psychedelia and modernism. Narratives are made by deconstructing psychedelic literature and photo essays, creating abstract poetry between beautiful imagery of female subjects surrounded by rocks and plant life.








Haw-lin, Daniel Shea, Claudia Grassl, Luke Schuetrumpf, Natalie Weiss, Ismaël Moumin,
Chris Kontos (Kennedy Magazine), Synchrodogs, Ryan Mikail, Melanie & Ramon

Sound extensions of the issue are curated by Beach Freaks, Far Away, Fit Sound, The Mixtape Shop and Love Injection Zine.

Available for pre-order now.

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