‘BACKDOOR’ – Issue No. 0061

BACKDOOR, the bastard lovechild of Aleutian energy and the primordial, flaming ooze that Earth busted into the Pacific. The gnarled, gnashing right sits just left of center of our progressive universe. Let them stare at pipe, swarming like moths to the blazing effigy of Gerry Lopez; we know where the real action goes down.

The stakes raised, the testosterone peaked, the reef hungrier for the flesh of man; BACKDOOR is the Sadist’s wet dream and the masochist’s playground. Our eyes transfixed, our breath shallow and jabbing, we look beyond the spotlight to this other pace, this other room, this other door. The real stories come from a forbidden, seductive corner of the human mind; the BACKDOOR to the salt-stained psyche that when milked spews blissful chaos onto the pages of this…thing.

BACKDOOR is for those that look beyond the glare of regurgitated cultural touchpoints. It’s for the honest ones; those with tales to tell who won’t be swept under the rug and thrown back into the closet by the mainstream. There’s blood in our mouths from biting our tongues while everything gets dumbed down to jive with the even flow of mediocrity. BACKDOOR is for the open mouth, trying to feed and get fed the worldly delights of maritime exploration. BACKDOOR is dedicated to the rite of the right, the thrill of the chase, the lust for adventure that led us here in the first place, the twinge in your gut when she slides on by untouched and unloved.

BACKDOOR: Sliding in between the cheeks of mainline “surf culture. No safe words, enjoy the ride, come again soon.

A Brothers Marshall + Arkitip Collaboration.

Jim Evans, Clare Rojas, Jack McCoy, Phranc, Mike Krim, Charles Smith, Barry McGee, Ian Perez, Lorenzo Fariello, Derek Marshall, Chad Marshall, Leroy Marshall, Tiana Marshall, El Salvadorans, Ned Evans, Bill Parr, Steven Vingua & Sage Vaughn

Sample Pages

11 x 17 In. (27.94 x 43.18 cm)
64 pages
4 color, 50 lb. bright white newsprint
Hand packaged and numbered ltd edition of 500
Poly bagged with a ‘BACKDOOR’ Bumper Sticker

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