Nike – Issue No. 0019

Chris Lindig
Inside Nike
Lorenzo Petrantoni
Ursurla Dobereinero | Frauen
Craig Metzger & Joseph Hart
Shawn Mortenson
Beautiful Losers | Espo
90078 | Basit Kahn | Imyj
90078 | Jd Davis
90078 | Jon Santos
90078 | Ryan Marx
Facsimile Template | Darren Watkins
Facsimile Template | Geoff McFetridge

7.25 x 9.75 In. (18.42 x 24.77 cm)
Black & white
Offset printed
Perfect bound

Polybagged Nike Mini Safari Sneaker Set Including Arkitip x Nike laces

Ltd. edition of 1000

Sold Out

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