Exhibitions & Art Fairs

2019 – 2022 Pandemic Resrictions

2017 FACT. + Arkitip “In The Streets w/J. Grant Brittain” Installation. Agenda Trade Show, Long Beach, California.

2017 “In The Streets” w/ J. Grant Brittain Product Release Event in Tokyo, Japan
BA-TSU Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2017 Danny Sangra ‘Yeah Sure, Real Mature’ Exhibition & Installations
Alldayeveryday, Los Angeles, California

2017 “In The Streets w/J. Grant Brittain” FACT. + Arkitip Product Release Event and Installations. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

2015, Incase Retrospective, 15 Years of Collaborations
Known Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2015, J. Grant Brittain Del Mar Skate Ranch Newspaper Launch, Photography Installation & Slide Show
Marcas Gallery, Santa Ana, California

2014, Kevin Lyons for G-SHOCK, Curated by Arkitip Product Release Event
Colette, Paris, France

2014, HIGH MATH, Assorted Artists
Slow Culture Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2013, Jason Jagel The Bitter End
The HUB, Paris, France

2013, FairEnds at Barber & Supply Pop Up Store
FairEnds at Barber & Supply, Brooklyn, New York, New York

2013, Grant Brittain Arkitip Zine Release & Photography Installation
As Issued, Costa Mesa, California

2013, The Arkitip Kiosk at Semi-Permanent
The Montalban Theatre, Los Angeles, California

2012, Magazine Library
Hillside Terrace Forum in Daikanyama, Tokyo

2012, Project Space, Hawaii
Pow Wow, Honolulu, Hawaii

2011, From Here to Eternity
Scion Installation Space, Culver City, California

2011, Arkitip No. 0058, Color
Project Space, Los Angeles, California

2010, Andrew Schoultz, Melt Down
Project Space, Los Angeles, California

2010, Ari Marcopoulos, Now is Forever
Project Space, Los Angeles, California

2010, We Love Magazines
Galerie Vie, Tokyo, Japan

2010, Michael Leon, Vexhall
Pool Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2010, Janette Beckman, Archive of Attitude
Project Space, Los Angeles, California

2010, De Zines
Madrid, Spain

2010, Issue No. 0055 Release , Arkitip World Cup Issue Edition
Soho Grand Hotel, New York, New York

2010, MASH, Revisit Tour of California
Project Space, Los Angeles, California

2010, Yes, Yes, Yes, Parra
Project Space,Los Angeles, California

2009, Issue No. 0052 Release, Steven Harrington
Black Block, Paris, France

2009, Parra “I like the tee shirt but I will get the painting” Exhibition
Pool Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2009, Parra Exhibition & Pop Up Shop
Pool Gallery & Wood Wood, Berlin, Germany

2009, Ace Hotel + Arkitip + GNRC Shoe Launch & Pop Up Shop
Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, California

2009, Shepard Fairey, Issue edition release and installations
Los Angeles, California

2009, We Love Magazines
Omotesando Hills Complex, Tokyo, Japan

2009, Arkitip presents Peter Beste, True Norwegian Black Metal
Pool Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2009, The Magazines of Omotesando Hills Library
Omotesando Hills Complex, Tokyo, Japan

2008, Objects as Magazines
Art Book Milano, Milano, Italy

2008, Independent Now
Daily Projects 1F Showcase, Gangnamgu, Seoul Korea

2008, HIGH MATH, Assorted Artists
Pool Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2007, No. 0043 Release, Parra
Venice, California

2007, No. 0042 Release, Ferrari
Milano, Italy

2006, Tony Talk Book Release, Tony Arcabascio
aNYthing, New York, New York

2006, Arkleon Release, Michael Leon
Ace Hotel, Portland, Oregon

2006, HIGH MATH, Assorted Artists
V1 Gallery, Denmark, Copenhagen

2006, No. 0034 Release, Peter Sutherland
Undefeated, Santa Monica, California

2006, Megazines
Visionaire Gallery, New York, New York

2006, Arkitip Past, Present and.
Goodfella Running Gallery, Beijing, China

2005, Rar: Arkitip + Modernica
Modernica Showroom, Los Angeles, California

2005, No. 0029 Release, André
BlackBlock, Paris, France

2004, Magazine Showcase
Frankfurt Museum, Frankfurt, Germany

2004, Arkitip Retrospective
Rudy’s Barbershop, Los Angeles, California

2003, Drawings, Paintings & Prints, Evan Hecox
Rocket Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2002, Awakea, Thomas Campbell
Colette, Paris, France

2001, Arkitip Retrospective
Alife on Orchard Street, New York, New York

2000, Introduction, Espace Flon, Assorted Artists
Lausanne, Switzerland