The Arkitip Loyalty Program

We are happy to announce The Arkitip Loyalty Program. Members will be automatically included in our Subscription Reservation System whereby any NEW Arkitip editions published are automatically reserved for you. This way you will never miss an edition and you will receive them in a timely manner. Members choose to buy the edition or simply reply to the email to opt out if you want to skip it. There is no credit card information stored, it is up to you to use your coupon to purchase the edition when it is released, or opt out. A $5.00 annual membership also includes the following:

Minimum $5.00 discount off any new issue editions of Arkitip. You make the $5.00 back on your first magazine purchase.

Special coupons and deals offered throughout the year that can be added on top of any existing sale.

First notification on new items released on the website before any formal announcement is made.

Shipping discount coupons to use throughout the year.

Limited emails: Typically only 2 each month and no more than 4.

* We have currently put a pause on The Arkitip Loyalty Program, check back soon for updates on how to join.