José Parlá Convertible Book Jacket for iPad

Curated by Arkitip, Produced by Incase

José Parlá is an artist who records his experiences in calligraphic and palimpsestic code. Serving as a collection of textually chronicled memories, the markings appear on backdrops that resemble the distressed surfaces he encounters. As a storyteller, Parlá presents an enigmatic narrative, translating moments that only a visual dialogue can convey.

In this installment of our Curated by Arkitip series, original Parlá artwork graces our Convertible Book Jacket for iPad. The jacket offers complete iPad protection and enhanced functionality and opens to convert into a stand with multiple viewing positions. This limited-edition version features premium pebbled leather construction and suede lining for scratch protection.

Watch the José Parlá video supplement


Complete iPad protection
Form-fitting premium pebbled leather construction
Original Parlá artistry
Fully-lined suede interior
Opens to function as a stand with multiple viewing positions
Secure elastic band closure
Compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen, iPad 4th gen

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